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Cranswick's Executive remuneration policy is continually monitored to ensure it is correctly aligned with the Group’s business strategy.

The Remuneration Committee considers the Group's remuneration policy to be an appropriate one which aims to properly reward performance in line with the Company’s business objectives to deliver growth and Shareholder value.


Our remuneration policy is principally designed to attract, motivate and retain Executive Directors and senior executives to execute effectively our corporate and business strategy in order to deliver annual operating plans and sustainable year-on-year profit growth, as well as to generate and preserve value to our shareholders over the longer term without encouraging excessive levels of risk taking. The principles and values that underpin the remuneration strategy are applied on a consistent basis for all Group employees.

It is the Group’s policy to reward all employees fairly, responsibly and by reference to local market practices, by providing an appropriate balance between fixed and variable remuneration.

Download the Remuneration Committee Report for the year ended 26 March 2022 here