Our farms

As a business that was formed by a group of farmers, we remain proud of our farming heritage.

We have a thriving farming division made up of five businesses: Wayland Farms, Wold Farms and White Rose Farms rear our pigs; Crown Farms rear our chickens and Crown Milling produce pig and poultry feed in East Anglia.

The ability to adapt and embrace change, has been fundamental to our longevity and continued success. Today, we offer independent farmers across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, the Midlands, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire the opportunity to diversify their own farming businesses into pig and poultry production, providing an additional income for their businesses through long-term aligned contracts.

To find out more about UK food and farming standards visit the We Eat Balanced website.

British Pig Farming

Our dedication to producing the very best pork starts with our farms. We operate in all areas of pig production, from breeding and nursery through to finishing. We are committed to investing in our farms and in the health of our animals; we are increasing our breeding herds and increasing indoor sow space allowance by over 40%, as we strive for continual improvement.

British Chicken Farming

We began to produce chicken with the acquisition of Crown Chicken in 2016. We are proud to be the first UK chicken producer to invest in the revolutionary Nestborn 'on-farm hatching' system, improving the welfare of our birds. We have our own milling operation in Suffolk, where we mill cereals grown in the local area to feed to our chickens, allowing our chicken business to be fully integrated, from farm to fork.

British Milling

We are proud to have our own milling facility in Suffolk. We mill cereals such as wheat and barley sourced from around East Anglia, giving us the ability to provide our chickens with our own feed.

Committed to sustainability

We recognise that, as farmers ourselves, we are custodians of the countryside and natural environment and we are working hard to reduce our impact. Our goal is for all Cranswick owned farms to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. We also carried out a biodiversity baseline study in 2021 and have ambitious plans to build upon this via various initiatives. We plan to achieve these goals by using low carbon footprint diets, sequestering carbon through our own farms and independent producers.

We also collaborate with other specialist food producers within the various rotations, to improve soil health and organic matter levels. This is vital in a regenerative farming system that relies on short term land tenure and is a key part of our ambitious Second Nature sustainability strategy, to help us achieve our vision of “making meat more sustainable".

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