Cranswick is a leading UK food producer with revenue approaching £1.9 billion. We produce and supply premium food to UK grocery retailers, the food service sector and other UK and Global food producers. Our business model is underpinned by our four guiding principles of quality, value, innovation and people.


We Farm

We have significant control over our pork supply chain through ownership of our pig breeding and rearing activities. Our fresh chicken operation is fully integrated including feed mills, hatchery and broiler farms.


We produce a range of high quality, predominantly fresh food including fresh pork, poultry, convenience and gourmet products. We focus on premium products, technical integrity and the highest standards of animal welfare. Through our four primary processing and twelve added-value processing facilities we develop innovative, great tasting food products to the highest standards of food safety whilst prioritising traceability.

We Supply

We supply most of the UK grocery retailers and have a strong presence in the ‘food-to-go’ sector and other food service outlets, as well as a substantial export business.


Our People

It's our people who make Cranswick successful. Their passion, expertise and dedication helps to differentiate our offering. We have experienced and talented operational management teams supported by a highly skilled and committed workforce.

Natural Resources

During financial year 2021 we have invested a further £12.7 million in our agricultural supply chain to increase herd and flock sizes, support the future growth of the business and improve animal welfare.

Operating Network

The Group’s production facilities are some of the most efficient in the UK food sector. We continue to ramp up investment to increase capacity, add new capabilities and drive ever greater operating efficiencies.

our guiding principles

Our guiding principles set out the values that unite and inspire our people to deliver our purpose.


We are passionate about making great tasting food and we want to be recognised for the high quality of our products. Our aim is to keep the heritage and integrity of our food by using authentic, artisan methods wherever possible to create premium quality products.


We recognise the importance of investing in our agricultural operations and in our operating facilities so we can continue to offer innovative, high quality, great value food to our customers from some of the most efficient food production facilities in the UK.


Our specialist, dedicated teams research consumer trends and food innovation opportunities to help develop new recipes and culinary ideas. We pride ourselves on delivering creative food concepts that are both healthy and convenient for today’s consumer.


We know it’s our passionate and dedicated colleagues who drive our business. Our supportive and enterprising culture helps them develop and thrive while ensuring the business continues to grow.

Our Strategic Enables underpin our strategy for long term growth.


Driving the core: We are committed to growing revenue from our core pork products by consolidating existing market positions. Investment in our infrastructure supports future growth.

Expanding our offer: As part of our long-term growth strategy we continue to expand our product range by diversifying and innovating. We aim to enter new markets and channels in our core UK market.

Developing new opportunities: We aim to grow our international operations and customer base. We continue to develop our export business to maximise the value of our products.

how we create value

OUR PEOPLE Training | Development | Mentoring

CUSTOMERS AND CONSUMERS Quality | Provenance | Choice

PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS Assurance | Traceability | Compliance

SHAREHOLDERS Dividend growth | EPS Accretion | Value Creation

COMMUNITIES Support | Engagement | Employment

NGOs Policy Shaping | Awareness | Commitment