Cranswick is a leading UK food producer with revenue in excess of £2.3 billion. We produce and supply premium food to UK grocery retailers, the food service sector, and other UK and global food producers. Our business model is underpinned by our four guiding principles of quality, value, innovation and people.


We Farm

We have a thriving farming division made up of five businesses: Wayland Farms, Wold Farms and White Rose Farms rear our pigs; Crown Farms rear our chickens; and Crown Milling produces pig and poultry feed.

Our dedication to producing the very best pork starts with our farms. We operate in all areas of pig production, from breeding through to finishing operations.

We are proud to be the first UK chicken producer to invest in the revolutionary ‘NestBorn’ on-farm hatching system which improves the welfare of our birds. We have our own milling operation in Suffolk, where we mill cereals grown in the local area to feed our chickens.


We produce a wide range of high quality, predominantly fresh food, including fresh and added-value pork and poultry, gourmet sausage, bacon and pastry along with cooked meats and a broad selection of Continental products. We have further expanded our portfolio by adding a pet food business with a focus on sourcing British ingredients.

We focus on premium products, technical integrity and continually improving our standards of animal welfare. Through our four primary processing and 18 added-value facilities we produce great-tasting products to the highest standards of food safety whilst maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

We Supply

We supply most of the UK grocery retailers and have a strong presence in the wholesale and food service sectors, as well as a substantial export business.


Our People

It’s our people who make Cranswick successful. Their passion, expertise and dedication helps to differentiate our offering. We have experienced and talented operational management teams supported by a highly skilled and committed workforce. Every individual plays a crucial role enabling us to feed the nation with authentically made, sustainably produced food.

Natural Resources

Our vertically integrated supply chain is important in providing traceability, integrity and sustainability in our farm-to-fork model.

Our self-sufficiency in British pigs is now approaching 50 per cent. Our poultry farming business, including milling, breeding and growing operations, is industry leading.

Our dedicated farmers are focused on developing sustainable farming practices and leading the way in animal welfare.

Operating Network

We operate from 22 well-invested and highly efficient production facilities in the UK and we will continue to invest at pace to ensure we serve our customers from the best quality asset base the UK industry can offer in terms of food safety, technical compliance and colleague well-being.

our guiding principles

Our guiding principles set out the values that unite and inspire our people to deliver our purpose.


We are passionate about making great tasting food and we want to be recognised for the high quality of our products. Our aim is to keep the heritage and integrity of our food by using authentic, artisan methods wherever possible to create premium quality products.


We recognise the importance of investing in our agricultural operations and in our operating facilities so we can continue to offer innovative, high quality, great value food to our customers from some of the most efficient food production facilities in the UK.


Our specialist, dedicated teams research consumer trends and food innovation opportunities to help develop new recipes and culinary ideas. We pride ourselves on delivering creative food concepts that are both healthy and convenient for today’s consumer.


We know it’s our passionate and dedicated colleagues who drive our business. Our supportive and enterprising culture helps them develop and thrive while ensuring the business continues to grow.

Our Strategic Enables underpin our strategy for long term growth.


FY23 Growth strategy


By driving the core we seek to maximise sales and returns from our pork-based operations by growing market share and securing new business wins. We do this by building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships, delivering consistent, high-quality products and creating new, relevant opportunities through innovation.

Continuous investment in additional capacity and driving efficiencies, coupled with the expertise of our Food Heroes, allows us to enhance our capabilities and supply our customers with affordable and great tasting pork-based products.

Our core portfolio consists of fresh pork and value-added products; a gourmet category including bacon, sausages and pastry; and a convenience range comprising cooked meats and ‘slow cook’ products. Across our portfolio we are renowned for delivering premium, high quality and great tasting products.


‘Expand’ focuses on increasing our presence in growth markets such as poultry and Mediterranean foods. We deliver this by building on successful acquisitions and investing in new sites. We continue to build capacity and capability across the business and explore opportunities in adjacent categories.

Our portfolio consists of three well invested facilities, two of which were built in the past five years, supported by a vertically integrated supply chain. We are well positioned to capitalise on our strong competitive advantage in this category.

The poultry market continues to offer a strong growth opportunity for us as we look to expand as well as to develop new products and open new trade channels.

Our Commercial and Development teams have created a vision for a ‘Deli’ aisle amalgamating a delicious range of products, which combine established favourites with new and exciting offerings to inspire and delight consumers. We continue to grow our Continental food businesses as we work with customers to respond to changing consumer trends, with continued investment we can leverage our category leadership and capitalise on further opportunities.


‘Diversification’ enables the Group to identify new markets that will create further growth opportunities. Whilst Cranswick is firmly established in major fresh food categories, opportunities to move into new markets will continue to be explored. The criteria for growth will focus on building capability in adjacent complimentary categories or further integration to support the sustainability agenda.

By developing our strengths, including the ability to effectively utilise capital, build new facilities and embed targeted acquisitions, the Group will successfully look to capitalise on new opportunities.

In 2022, we entered a new market by acquiring Cranswick Pet Products (previously known as Grove Pet Foods), a UK based producer of dry pet food.

In keeping with our Second Nature sustainability work to reduce waste, acquiring Cranswick Pet Products enables us to expand our integrated farm-to-fork operation by utilising raw materials in pet food manufacture.

This acquisition also acts as a springboard for delivering future growth. While grocery retailers form a key part of the pet food market and are well aligned to our existing customer base, we see clear opportunity to broaden our reach by developing strategic customer relationships with major pet store chains and online retailers, either through own label range development or building our Alpha and Vitalin brands.

how we create value

OUR PEOPLE Training | Development | Mentoring

CUSTOMERS AND CONSUMERS Quality | Provenance | Choice

PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS Assurance | Traceability | Compliance

SHAREHOLDERS Dividend growth | EPS Accretion | Value Creation

COMMUNITIES Support | Engagement | Employment

NGOs Policy Shaping | Awareness | Commitment