Corporate Governance

The Board is responsible for the long-term success and stewardship of the Company, overseeing its conduct and affairs to create sustainable value for the benefit of its Shareholders and other stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which the business operates.

The Board delegates certain roles and responsibilities to its various committees and to senior management. The committees assist the Board by fulfilling their obligations and reporting back to the Board on the outcomes from their respective activities.


The adoption and maintenance of good governance is the responsibility of the Board as a whole. The Board applies the principles of good governance and best practice as set out in the ‘Code’ which can be found on the Financial Reporting Council’s website


The Board is pleased to report that it has complied with the requirements of the 2016 UK Corporate Governance Code during the year ended 31 March 2019. The Board believes that it has the appropriate blend of skills, experience, independence and knowledge to support the business and will continue to ensure an optimal level of relevant skills, experience and diversity amongst its members, appropriate to support the future needs of the business. The Board has reviewed the financial statements and, taken as a whole, consider them to be fair, balanced and understandable, providing sufficient and appropriate information for Shareholders to assess the Company’s position and performance, business model and strategy. The Audit Committee provided guidance to the Board to assist them in reaching this conclusion.