Equality and Diversity

Encouraging the principles of equality and diversity is key to the successful and inclusive culture that lies at the heart of our business. All employment decisions, including recruitment and internal promotions, are based on merit, qualification and abilities and are not influenced or affected by an individual’s race, colour, nationality, religion, gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, disability or age. We have recruited over 2,000 individuals in to the business over the last year and will continue to develop our business model to recruit more permanent members of the workforce as part of our commitment to ensuring stability for all of our employees regardless of nationality. We currently employ more than 9,000 staff of whom more than 6,000 are permanent workers, encompassing over 50 nationalities.

In 2016, we were among the first businesses to issue a statement on the Modern Slavery Act and our commitment to the protection of vulnerable workers continues throughout our supply chain. All members of our HR teams have attended a workshop on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking within the Supply Chain led by the Association of Labour Providers.

We recognise the benefits of diversity and our diversity policy provides equality and fairness. There are no differences in the pay structure for males and females performing the same or similar roles.