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Kevin developed his passion for this specialist cooking style while training under Albert Roux – the legendary Michelin-starred chef.

Sous vide is a gentle cooking process that ensures perfectly cooked, melt-in-the-mouth succulence every time.

In 1989, Kevin took the brave step to start his own business, producing award-winning sous vide dishes for pubs and restaurants.

The Science of Sous Vide

Kevin joined Cranswick in 2019, drawing upon 30 years of knowledge and experience to help us perfect the science of sous vide cooking. The result is restaurant quality food for our retail and foodservice customers.

Kevin is now passing a lifetime of learning onto the next generation of Cranswick chefs, working with them on innovative new concepts and upscaling this artisan technique.

"I love all things culinary and sous vide is an intelligent way to cook; it locks in all the flavours and succulence"

Pursuing perfection

Kevin has taught us that to achieve incredible products, you need the perfect combination of time and temperature. That, combined with the gentle water bath technique of sous vide cooking provides the perfect recipe for success. With Kevin’s help, we are able to constantly evolve our product range creating new and innovative recipes.