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Ripened in the sun-drenched fields of the Mediterranean, or using traditional milling and pressing processes, our specialist range is bursting with colour and flavour.

Our Tahini

Tahini is a magical and versatile ingredient – it can be used on its own as a spread or as the base for creating rich dips and dressings or even to enhance the sweetest desserts.

Our premium tahini is made from only the finest Ethiopian and Sudanese sesame seeds. These are milled in the traditional way by our long-established partner in Thessaloniki, Greece. The traditional ‘clash’ process is used to remove the outer husk. The seeds are then roasted to enhance the flavour before finally being ground with granite plates from the local area.

Our range includes organic and non-organic varieties, all with the smooth, intense taste you expect from Cypressa tahini.

“When it comes to classic dips and dressings, we stay true to the ingredients and techniques trusted by local artisan producers”

Our Olive Oil

We source the finest olive oils from our specialist producers throughout Greece and sell them under the Cypressa brand, building on the relationships established by the Katsouris brothers over 50 years ago.

To produce our extra virgin olive oil, we use only the finest olives grown on rich and fertile soil and processed using traditional cold-presses, which lock in all the flavour and nutrients. Our Cypressa oils are 100% pure and complemented by our carefully crafted range of balsamic and wine vinegars.

“We offer a full selection of the Mediterranean's most iconic foods”

Ambient Olives hand-harvested with care

Our olives are perfect to enjoy fresh from the jar, as a snack or an accompaniment to drinks. They also add vibrant flavour and texture to salads, stews, pasta and pizzas.

"From traditional favourites to new specialities, we source the finest products from trusted growers throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East and beyond"

Premium Pulses, Nuts & Grains

From tabbouleh to Greek lentil salad, nothing distinguishes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine more than the use of nuts, grains and pulses in everyday dishes. You’ll find them in everything from entrées, to soups, salads, sides, snacks and even desserts, adding flavour and crunch to any dish.

We offer more than 20 nut, grain and pulse products, all sourced from our global network of specialist partners.

Sourced from Specialists

Increasing demand for healthy food ingredients and the rising popularity of protein-rich food are driving rapid growth in the market for grains and pulses. We offer an extraordinary range of cereals and pulses, delivering everything you need for your store cupboard.