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As one of the leading fresh food producers in the United Kingdom, it is the policy of Cranswick plc to ensure that the food products we produce are safe, legal and of the quality specified by our customers.

A link to our Food Safety policy here.

The company will assure the safety of our products by the effective implementation of HACCP principles throughout the food production systems we operate.

A link to our HACCP policy here.

All employees are made aware of the company’s commitment to the production of safe, legal and quality products during their induction and further training so that they deliver the highest possible standards of service to meet the needs of the company and its customers.

The identification, control and awareness of allergens is a growing challenge facing the food industry. Cranswick plc is committed to a policy of providing our customers with clear, unambiguous labelling of any allergens or their derivatives, which may be present in the raw materials we purchase and the products we produce so that the end consumer can be confident in the purchases decisions they make in meeting their dietary needs.

A link to our Allergen policy here.

It is the policy of Cranswick plc to work with our suppliers to ensure that the products we supply to our retail, food service and food manufacturing customers are free from the presence of genetically modified ingredients, additives, flavourings or derivatives thereof.

A link to our Genetically Modified Organism policy here.

Avoiding the adulteration, and/or presence of residues and contaminants in the raw materials we purchase and the food products we produce is of paramount importance to Cranswick Group and our customers. We are committed to a policy of ensuring that we and our suppliers operate to industry best practice and are in full compliance with specified legal limits, and in the case of pesticide and medicinal residues, that our producers operate to recognised codes of practice by ensuring that relevant withdrawal periods are followed prior to the produce or animal entering the food chain.

A link to our food adulteration, residues & contaminants avoidance policy here.

As a food manufacturing company in the red meat sector we recognise that we are in the unique position of being able to influence people's eating habits. We are therefore committed to a policy of working with our retail and food service customers to support their healthy eating policies.

A link to our Group Obesity Policy here.