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The Cranswick Charitable Trust (CCT) has been established to take our charity work to the next level focussing on supporting food poverty, children’s charities and charities supporting routes into employment. CCT will act as an independent grant making charity and is registered at The Charity Commission. It has been set up to support individuals and their families who face hardship, including Cranswick former employees, as well as other charitable causes. We believe CCT will help refine our focus to charitable giving at Group level, meaning we can take a more structured approach to corporate philanthropy. It will be governed by a separate Board of trustees, including a representative independent of Cranswick, and will develop its own policies and reporting processes. It is envisaged that CCT will be funded by ongoing donations from the Group.

CCT is not intended to replace the Group’s charitable activities at a site level, which remain an important part of our community outreach work. However, CCT should enable us to build on the value and assistance we can offer to the wider communities we operate in.