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Gill’s early years were spent on the family farm outside of Nottingham, where she grew an appreciation for exceptional food, working alongside her parents. She soon qualified as a butcher and opened her own shop in the local area, before moving to Yorkshire.

Hand Crafted Pastry

Cranswick’s partnership with Gill led to the upscaling of her bakery and marked the creation of Cranswick Gourmet Pastry. Here, we maintain Gill’s original ethos: to not use ‘quality’ as a cliched word, but to be genuine about it.

Gill’s methods are ingrained in the talented team at our Yorkshire Baker site. They are dedicated to making sure our food is crafted with the fresh ingredients, so each bite is as delightful as the last.

"The most important ingredient is time"

Time-honoured techniques

We are proud to still use artisanal hand rolling techniques; we make our master dough, rest it, then add the buttery layers. Folding and turning the butter into the dough creates the hundreds of layers which makes our pastry so light and perfectly flaky. Overall, the most important ingredient is time, great pastry must be rested – this is where the magic happens.