World Wellbeing Week - Tips from our FeedYourWellbeing Team

World Wellbeing Week is an opportunity to reflect on the many aspects of wellbeing, from physical, mental and emotional health, community relations, meaningful and purposeful work, financial security and care for the environment.

At Cranswick, we recognise that with so much going on in the world now, taking time to consider wellbeing is more important than ever. Therefore, we created Feed Your Wellbeing (FYW), helping colleagues to access the tools and information they need to consider their own path to wellbeing, whilst at work and at home, via on site events and our colleague app. The FYW app is a one stop shop for information, education and support for the health and wellbeing for our 13,000 employees across the business.

This week Charlotte and Kelly, members of the FYW team are sharing what good wellbeing means to them, some helpful tips and materials that they use each day.

Charlotte and Kelly both find tech applications such as meditation apps useful for improving and monitoring mental and physical wellbeing.

​​​​​​​Below are five more great tips from our ‘Feed Your Wellbeing’ team:

  1. Allow yourself to recharge for the next day and aim for 7-9 hours’ sleep every night
  2. Get your endorphins flowing by going for a walk or run, or practicing your favourite sport
  3. Take up a hobby or do something you love. This could be anything from swimming to sewing or badminton to bird watching
  4. Take time to relax. Meditation is a great way to unwind from daily stresses and focus the mind
  5. Eat balanced, nutritious and healthy meals. Lean pork and chicken are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals to help keep your immune system working properly and fight tiredness and fatigue

Our competition to win a year’s subscription to the meditation app, Calm, or a FitBit fitness tracker is still open to enter until Sunday. Find the post on our Instagram or Facebook page for details on how to enter.