Cypressa launches new look website

We are excited to announce that our Katsouris Brothers brand Cypressa has launched its new look with an updated website: This is the first step of a wider project to create an updated look for the brand that captures the authenticity and family values of Cypressa.

The Cypressa story began in the 1950s, when three young brothers from the Katsouris family started selling olives, olive oil and pulses at markets in and around Famagusta, Cyprus. Soon the brothers gained a reputation for the quality of their produce which they sourced from local specialist producers and growers. Read how Cypressa evolved over the years to become what it is today on the about us page of the website

The Cypressa range includes olives, olive oil, tahini, halloumi, pulses and nuts. The brand extends across borders and captures the foods and flavours of the Mediterranean and beyond.

​​​​​​​To keep up to date with the brand follow Cypressa on instagram @cypressafoods.