We are very proud of our team at Cranswick for diverting enough surplus food to create 500,000 meals for vulnerable people through our partnership with FareShare which began in November 2016.

The quality meat that Cranswick supply is in high demand from FareShare’s network of charities who use it to provide nutritious meals to the families and individuals they support.

Having regular access to high value meat products also means charities are able to reinvest the money they save on buying the products into other vital services.

Initially providing surplus chicken via local relationships with FareShare’s Hull & Humber and Yorkshire warehouses, Cranswick went on to become one of the first businesses to utilise FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose fund which launched in 2019.

Our team at Cranswick Gourmet Sausage, Lazenby’s and FareShare worked together to identify that sausage meat left in the piping at the end of a production run which was being sent to anaerobic digestion, could be turned into sausages and given to those in need.

They used FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Funding to cover costs of filling this surplus sausage meat into casings, packaging it, labelling it and freezing it.

More recently, we have started diverting surplus products from additional sites including Katsouris Brothers in Wembley and Cranswick Continental Foods in Bury, which has helped to increase the range of products on offer to charities. They now redistribute a variety of surplus meat and other products such as cheese.

This has resulted in Cranswick distributing enough food to provide the equivalent of over 500,000 meals to charities supporting vulnerable families and individuals, many of whom are at risk of hunger, and struggling with unemployment, low income, debt, homelessness, family break up, dependency or other challenges.

Chris Aldersley, Chief Operating Officer, Cranswick plc:

“We're incredibly proud to work with FareShare and play our part in tackling hunger across the UK. Our teams work hard to ensure any surplus can be diverted to benefit those most in need. We will continue to support FareShare as they deliver their great work fighting hunger and food waste across the country.”

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare:

“Congratulations to Cranswick plc on reaching this significant milestone, providing 500,000 meals to vulnerable people. Your regular deliveries have enabled FareShare to distribute high quality meat and other products to charities and community groups supporting families and individuals, many of whom are at risk of hunger.

You have been a valued partner since 2016, and a great example of a business committed to reducing their waste through working with FareShare in innovative ways to get valuable surplus meat products to the most vulnerable communities. We look forward to continuing our work together.”

We will continue to identify harder to reach surplus food in our business to create meals and support Fareshare’s great work fighting hunger and food waste across the country.