Cranswick Country Foods Preston awarded Carbon Neutral Certification

Cranswick’s largest processing facility joins the growing ranks of Cranswick sites to be certified Carbon Neutral, attaining the PAS 2060 standard. The achievement takes Cranswick another step closer to their sector-leading commitment to be Net Zero by 2040.

The PAS 2060 award reflects the Preston site team’s delivery of significant decarbonisation projects since 2016, as well as approval of a roadmap to drive down emissions still further. Initiatives to achieve carbon neutral status have included efficiency investments in lighting and heating plus upgrades to refrigerant systems. The site team are equipped with the skills and resources to deliver. Senior leaders have completed climate literacy training and identified internal Changemakers to engage the entire colleague community, making sustainability a site priority. The team's plan to progress to Net Zero emissions by 2040 is far-reaching in its scope, addressing clean energy, waste reduction and the elimination of inefficiencies across all areas of operations.


The site team have delivered a range of programmes to increase productivity, replace old equipment and machinery, and enhance the site’s environmental performance, significantly reducing the emission intensity of product sold.

Reduction initiatives since 2016 include:

  • LED lighting upgrade across the site – estimated to equate to £1.2m worth of energy savings over ten years.

  • Ammonia Glycol system investment, replacing F-Gas refrigerants associated with global warming.

  • Installation of an efficient Combined Heat and Power system (CHP) reducing site use of natural gas.

Along with a gradual decarbonisation of grid electricity and further site efficiencies, the site reduced its overall emissions by 63% since 2017-2018.


Darren Andrew, Operations Director Cranswick Country Foods, Preston, highlights the extent of his team’s achievement and their passion for inspiring others in the sector to prioritise sustainability.

“For a site of our size to achieve carbon neutrality is a huge achievement. It goes to show what's possible with the right training, focus and investment. I'm proud of every member of the site team who have worked together to make such a significant reduction in our carbon emissions. Across the food industry, it's vital that we recognise our collective responsibility to take urgent action in addressing climate change. At Cranswick, we're well on the road to Net Zero by 2040 and committed to solving every challenge along the way - no excuses. I hope our carbon neutral achievement can inspire others in the meat sector to step up their efforts and join us in making sustainability a top priority.”

The carbon emissions which are yet to be fully eliminated are offset by a strategic portfolio of climate-positive projects, verified by Verra and Gold Standard. These reforestation and clean energy projects were voted for by site colleagues and deliver a wide range of community and environmental benefits in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  1. Portel-Pará REDD Amazon Rainforest Protection Project, Brazil.

    This project works to mitigate rainforest deforestation in Brazil, to avert over 22 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions over a 40 year period. The project manages land as a private conservation reserve with rigorous monitoring and enforcement of standards while also providing support and employment opportunities to the local community. Biodiversity conservation benefits are notable, as the area provides habitat for numerous species, several designated as endangered or vulnerable.

  2. Southern Cardamom REDD+, Cambodia.

    The Southern Cardamom REDD+ project is part of the United Nation's Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation portfolio. The project's climate benefits result in the avoided emission of over 115,000 million tCO2e over its lifetime. Community co-benefits include new and sustainable livelihood opportunities in 21 villages around the perimeter of the project area. Biodiversity conservation is supported by protecting critical habitat for significant populations of many IUCN listed species, including the Asian elephant and several critically endangered reptiles.

  3. Dak Lak Solar Project, Vietnam.

    This Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project is designed to supply clean solar energy to the national grid of Vietnam, displacing energy which could otherwise be produced by fossil fuels. The project is capable of providing 73,000 megawatt-hours of energy per annum. In addition to the provision of renewable energy, the project supports the local community with sustainable livelihood opportunities and training.


The site team have a detailed roadmap to further reduce emissions over the coming years and are committed to achieving Net Zero status by 2040.

Projects span clean energy, waste reduction and the elimination of inefficiencies. They include:

  • Elimination of all remaining F gas on-site within the coming year.

  • Develop site-generated renewable energy: scoping solar panels and wind turbine.

  • Decarbonisation of the CHP system to use green hydrogen or biomethane green fuel.

  • Upgrades to fleet trucks, including trials on green hydrogen-powered vehicles.

  • Waste Warriors project to increase site recycling rates.

  • Tree planting programme adjacent to the site. 

  • Gain ISO14001 accreditation by the end of 2021 and maintain ISO50001.

The site team are energised and well-equipped to deliver their roadmap, with all senior leaders benefitting from CPD-approved climate literacy training. For the Preston team, producing authentically made, sustainably produced food is Second Nature.

The team at Cranswick Country Foods, Preston joins Katsouris Brothers Ltd, Cranswick Country Foods, Watton, Cranswick Country Foods Poultry, Hull, Cranswick Convenience Foods Barnsley, Cranswick Convenience Foods Sutton Fields, Cranswick Gourmet Sausage Lazenbys, Cranswick Continental Foods Bury, Cranswick Country Foods Ballymena, Cranswick Convenience Foods Milton Keynes, Cranswick Gourmet Pastry in Malton and Cranswick Country Foods at Riverside, who have all achieved carbon neutrality.