Cranswick are proud members of the Food for Good network

Cranswick are proud members of the Food for Good network, supporting Farm Africa to unlock the potential of agriculture to transform rural

Farm Africa is a UK-based charitable organisation set up in 1985 that works with farmers, pastoralists and forest communities in eastern Africa. The charity provides training to help these groups to grow more food, look after their livestock and make a living using their natural resources sustainably.

We have been sponsors of Farm Africa since 2015 and recently donated £20,000 to help fund farming projects, specifically Livestock for Livelihoods​​​​​​​ in Ethiopia and Uganda. The project is helping more than 10,000 women increase their income by setting up goat rearing enterprises, raising awareness about the nutritional value of goats milk and balanced diets, and demonstrating how to build kitchen vegetable gardens that make good use of the goats manure.