Congratulations on completing the Asda Elan Valley Charity SAS Challenge!

Congratulations to both Cranswick teams - the Riverside Runners and the Cranswick Cruisers - who succesfuly completed the 2015 Asda Elan Valley Charity SAS Challenge last weekend!

The eight Cranswick employees described the challenge as "incredibly tough" - and although they didn't win the challenge - they both completed the arduous course in time……..and the Cranswick Cruisers achieved the second fastest canoe time out of the 30 plus teams! All the completing teams received a finishing patch.

The challenge is described as one of the toughest in the UK and is based around the Elan Valley in Wales - including a challenging 7-mile, a 2-mile canoe race, an aerial tree climb, a 26-mile bike ride, carrying a log over 800 meters’ along a dam and a 20-kilo coal carry.

So far in excess of £160k has been raised by all the teams and the money will go to Tickled Pink, a charity that raises money for the Breast Cancer Campaign and Breast Cancer Care.

Well done Team Cranswick!