Winners of School’s Sausage Competition Revealed

The winning flavours of Cranswick’s Design Your Own Sausage school outreach programme were announced at this year’s Freedom Festival. The school award presentations took place over the Freedom Festival weekend in Queen’s Garden alongside a programme of inspiring cooking demonstrations and talks.​ 


Above: Trotters accept their award


Above: Audience members sample the winning creations

Members of the audience were treated to samples of the exclusive winning flavours, created by students as part of a four month project. 

The winning brands were judged to be:

Great Grand Sausages (caramelised onion, black pepper & mixed herb pork sausages) by Matthew Blanchard from St. Anne's School and Sixth Form College

Trotters (peri-peri meat feast pork chipolatas) designed by Oliva Andrews, Franki Trotter, Amelia Williamson and Alyssia Patrick of Wolfreton High School

Spaghsausages (tomato and mozarella spaghetti flavoured pork sausages) created by Owen Woite and Jack Lutkin from Cottingham High School

Harry Porkers (chilli & paprika pork sausages)  by Tamisha Newell and Ella Fraser of Hessle Academy

The Yorkee's Vampire Sausages (red pepper & chilli pork sausages) by Luke Stevens, Max Hallam, George Owens and Ben Richardson from Howden High School

Throughout the project, students were asked to think about all aspects of the food manufacturing process, from production and finance to product design and marketing, in helping them design a winning sausage brand and flavour. 

Miss Dyson, Science Teacher and Deputy House Leader at Hessle Academy commented:

‘’Seeing their product brought to life by your chefs and design team was incredible, as students don’t always get the chance to make every project they design at school. The ability to see how the sausages were made inside the factory was also fantastic.’’

Miss Whall, Science teacher at Wolfreton High School commented:

‘’The girls loved visiting Cranswick and being able to see the whole sausage making process and, of course, tasting their creations! We are thankful we have been able to be part of the project and we would love to be involved again.’’​

For more details about how your school can get involved, email