Undercover filming at Hogwood Farm

We are aware of claims by an animal rights organisation that they have obtained undercover footage regarding welfare concerns at Hogwood Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Hogwood Farm is not owned or operated by Cranswick plc although we have bought pigs from this farm in the past. 


Over the last 18months, Hogwood farm has been subject to numerous audits and visits from their own veterinary practice, Red tractor auditors and APHA veterinary officers, along with Cranswick’s own staff. None of these inspections have raised any serious concerns regarding the welfare of the animals or the conditions in which they are housed.


Cranswick plc recognises that pig health and welfare is of the utmost importance and therefore, having seen the indefensible footage, we have taken the decision to permanently cease accepting any future deliveries from Hogwood Farm.