Cranswick Proud to Headline Sponsor the Freedom Festival

The annual Freedom Festival in Hull has evolved into one of the UK’s most distinctive and international arts festivals, exploring themes of freedom such as democracy and equality whilst also celebrating the city’s unique history of it’s involvement in the abolition of the slave trade.

As Cranswick’s native city, they were proud to support the festival as the headline sponsor for the 3rd year running.


The festival took place in the heart of the city center last weekend, whereby Cranswick attended the festival and made full use of their presence to educate the public on the issues surrounding food poverty and contrastingly food waste within the city. This forms part of Cranswick’s commitments to work within the wider community to facilitate and inspire a food sharing culture to tackle local food waste issues in a way which solves the problem at its core.

As part of this commitment, Cranswick have partnered with the free food sharing App OLIO, which was the key focus of the Cranswick stand in Queen’s Gardens at the festival.


Cranswick successfully delivered an interactive family experience at the Festival to promote both Cranswick’s Hull Food Save project and the Olio App, engaging with the public about the food sharing revolution that has come to Hull. The Cranswick team informed the general public via informative games and exciting visuals about the problem of food waste in and around Hull and how they can help make a difference in their communities. Ultimately encouraging members of the public to contemplate the idea of sharing unwanted food within their community rather than throwing it away, whether this is via the OLIO App or other means.


As a result of raising awareness at the festival, they have seen the number of users of the OLIO App within Hull increase by an astonishing 10%, which is a great acheievment for all involved.

Cranswick will continue to work alongside organisations and events within the city to sustain their pledges to work within their local community to ultimately evolve a food sharing culture and use this as a model for tacking food waste nationwide.