Cranswick Employees come together to beat plastic pollution

June 5th 2018 marked World Environment Day, and this year the key focus was on beating plastic pollution, and pledging less plastic. This year, Cranswick have made a strong pledge to support this pressing issue of our reliance on plastics, and each of their sites held an organised event to encourage their employees to swap their plastic carriers for reusable carrier bags provided by Cranswick. 

 The events were hugely successful, with over 3,000 plastic carrier bags collected, and 2,500 reusable tote bags handed out.

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The plastic bags which were collected, have since been donated to each site’s local foodbank, enabling people in difficult circumstances to collect their food package from the foodbank with ease. Cranswick’s association with their local food bank in Hull brought to light this issue, which has affected the ability of people to utilize the foodbank since the 5p plastic carrier bag charge came into force.


Therefore whilst Cranswick have proactively encouraged their employees to reduce their reliance on single use plastic carrier bags, and switch to a more sustainable material, they have also donated the collected plastic carriers to a cause which is well and truly needed.

For more information on how you can do your bit to reduce your use of single use plastics, visit the World Environment Day website here.


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