Cranswick Continental Foods Move to New Site in Bury

Cranswick Continental Food’s have now completed the transition of all production lines and warehousing from their previous two sites in Trafford Park, Manchester to their new home in Bury. 

The footprint of the new site is almost double the previous two sites combined ensuring the division now has the space to deliver future growth.

The £27m new build is sustainably designed and the entire building is a “smart” building with a sophisticated BMS (building management system) allowing everything to be measured.  This means that efficiency improvements can be monitored and continually targeted. 

As well as being designed to minimise environmental impacts, the new site also has improved facilities and spaces for our employees including a modern, communal canteen which has been designed to look and feel like a contemporary café.

Cranswick Continental sources products from specialist producers across Europe and beyond and brings them to the UK to process in a way that makes the products relevant to the UK consumer.   The site processes olives and antipasti, and slices continental charcuterie as well as cooked meats including corned beef. 

The markets the division operates in are outgrowing the total chilled foods market as consumers in the UK adopt these specialist foods into their diets.  This trend together with the plans for growth at the site will continue to support the growth and development of the economy within and around Manchester.

Bury new site.jpg