Cranswick Awarded ‘Best Individual Site Campaign’ for M&S Environment Week

Cranswick Gourmet Pastry has been awarded the “Best Individual Site Campaign” for their recent events during the M&S Environment Week.  The campaign provides M&S suppliers with an opportunity to raise awareness on key environmental issues, encouraging employees to think about how they can proactively reduce waste, water and energy use, and 50 suppliers took part in the initiative.

The campaign at the Gourmet Pastry site in Malton, North Yorkshire, focused on four key environmental issues.  This included a ‘Waste to Worth’ competition where employees were asked to create a recipe from surplus ingredients on site, culminating in a saving of 7,768 TCO₂ while 1,125kg of CO₂ was saved from a ‘shwopping’ event which invited employees to share or swap their own items of clothing. Throughout the 4 day event, the site engaged employees through various quizzes, talks and competitions and have also partnered with a local community café, Next Steps, to donate surplus food to support those in need locally.


M&S Enivronment Week at Gourmet Pastry.JPG


Andy Mayer, Site Director of Cranswick Gourmet Pastry, said the initiative was “a hugely successful event where we increased employee awareness and engagement on the subjects judged important for the company moving forward, as well as increasing employee engagement within the community”

413 employees took part in the campaign with 100% of participants pledging to make further lifestyle changes to help combat environmental issues.​