Cranswick Asda Team Win 'Plastic Unwrapped' Award at Asda Own Brand Conference 2018

Members of the Cranswick Asda team attended the Asda Own Brand Conference last week, and were thrilled to announce were awarded the prestigious 'Plastic Unwrapped' award.

This is a huge achievement for the team, as throughout the day only 6 awards were handed out across Asda's whole supple base. The award was received in aid of the fantastic work the team have done to achieve Asda's 'Plastics Unwrapped' strategy.

This year the team have made huge progress in reducing the amount of un-necessary plastic they use through tray size reductions. Coupled with this is the pace at which they’ve moved in their transition towards using recyclable Mono Plastic; in which they estimate they will have their entire range of MAP products converted by October/November this year.

Tom Wilson, Senior Account Manager for Asda, stated that they are on track to deliver a reduction of 100 tonnes of plastics used at the dedicated site, by the end of the year.

Tom Wilson said "I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to my team and to Asda, for all the collective team effort that has gone into this project so far, and inevitably what is still yet to come".

plastics unwrapped_0.png