Temporary Food Service Positions Available

Hull, Ballymena (Nth Ireland), Norfolk

Do you work in hospitality and find yourself out of work?

Can you help us keep food supplies moving? We have multiple sites across the UK and we want to make sure we can continue producing great tasting food for the UK.

If you are interested in temporary opportunities across our business,  please send us your details to the site email address below.

Hull, Lazenby’s Gourmet Sausage - lazenbys.recruitment@cranswick.co.uk

Hull, Sutton Fields - ccfsf.hr@cranswick.co.uk

Hull, Preston - ccf.careers@cranswick.co.uk

Ballymena, Northern Ireland - gareth.millar@cranswick.co.uk

Norfolk, East Anglia - ccfn.humanresources@cranswick.co.uk

Norfolk, East Anglia Wayland Farms - wfl.hr@cranswick.co.uk


Check back for more details as we will be continuing to add more information. Look forward to hearing from you!